The Jingle Jank Podcast

What is this nonsense?

Jingle Jank is a podcast showcasing the offbeat and obscure Christmas music we find on YouTube.

Each week, we pick five songs relating to a topic, artist, or specific title and poke some lighthearted fun at them. It's family friendly, except for an occasional bonus episode. (any episodes that aren't family friendly will be marked as such)

Shows are released every other week. Probably. Maybe.

Are all the songs you cover terrible?

No, some are actually quite good, musically and lyrically. We are looking for songs that you probably don't even know exist. Some songs are awful (okay, many are) but we're not here just to trash artists. Fair warning, however: you aren't going to find popular hits here.

Who are the hosts?

The hosts are Scott Newman and Jay LaChapelle, two guys in their 40s who have been friends since high school. Scott is way into Christmas music, and Jay is just a good sport about it.

Can I suggest songs for you to feature?

Please do! We love to get submissions from users. Pick your preferred medium from our contact page. The only rule is that it must be available on YouTube so others can find it.

I think you guys suck?

That's not really a question, but you do make a good point.